This list contains a couple of skilled players and map makers from Roblox Surf. These players either have at least a couple of world records or have made good, if not very good maps. This list also contains a few players that have done something notable in Roblox Surf's history.

If you would like to be added, please contact me! :]




-The owner of the Wiki

-Has made 20 maps, 8 of which are in surf

-Can do all styles

-Paragov HSW no binds



-Has made two maps, both of which are in surf

-Can do Autohop and steals almost all world records

-Has beaten Sinsane twice

-Owns a YouTube channel




-Owner of the RSurf fan group & Discord

-Has made 11 maps, but so far, only Ancient has gotten in

-Veteran & past WR holder for several maps

-Has a crush on Aaron





-Creator of Roblox Surf and Bhop

-Created the first Bhop map

-Past WR holder for several maps

-Also created testing games like SurfMaptest and BhopMaptest


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